Since 1999, Yuanan has been one of the professional high technological fluid processing equipments enterprises.

Our featured products consist of leakage-proof butterfly valve, mix-proof double seat tank bottom valve, mix-proof double seat valve etc, among which products like leakage-proof butterfly valve, diaphragm valve are exported to the United Sates, filling the gaps of sanitary fluid equipments exported from China. What’s more, the launch of mix-proof double seat valve series filling the blanks of domestic high-end sanitary valve sector and our product quality has won us international recognition.

At present, Yuanan’s main market share covers 2~3%, and will increase to more than5% in 2015, we predict.

Yuanan sanitary mix-proof double seat tank valve has won support from “Innovation Fund for Technological small to middle sized Enterprise.

After many years developments,Yuanan has become the executive member of the council in China Metal Materials Circulation Association Stainless Steel branch.